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Kenya wound up autonomous from the Great Britain run on December twelfth 1963 and Finland perceived Kenya’s freedom on the next day. Finland and Kenya set up their conciliatory relations on June fourteenth 1965. In the start of the 1960’s, the monetary standpoint appeared to be great in East Africa and the establishing of the OAU Head Quarters in Addis Ababa added to the allure of the locale.

The Commercial Secretary began his tasks in Nairobi in August 1963. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs chose to enlarge/stretch out the missions to East Africa, either to Addis Ababa or Nairobi. It was chosen to build up an Embassy in Addis Ababa, as it was the localtion for the OAU Head Quarters. Nairobi was licensed to Ethiopia until the point when first of May 1974 when it turned into an Embassy driven by a Charge d’Affairs under the Embassy in Ethiopia. Veikko Hietanen was the last Ambassador in Addis Ababa.

The principal Finnish Ambassador to take living arrangement in Nairobi in the spring of 1977 was Unto Tanskanen. The way that the United Nations Environment Program was positioned in Nairobi impacted hoisting Nairobi’s status.

The Minister for Roads, Mr. Pekka Tarjanne, began the abnormal state visits between the two nations as he went to Kenya in 1973, and the following year the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ahti Karjalainen, stuck to this same pattern. The primary Kenyan to pay a state visit to Finland was the Minister for Finance, Mr. Mwai Kibaki, in 1975.

The establishing of the Embassy in Nairobi before long gave off an impression of being the correct choice as in a brief timeframe, Nairobi formed into a globally vital gathering city where World Bank and the World Council of Churches had their gatherings.

At first, a critical piece of crafted by the Embassy focused on improvement collaboration. Improvement participation amongst Kenya and Finland started with the Nordic Cooperative task in the 1960’s. The Skeleton (cover) Agreement of Development Cooperation was marked in 1975, and in 1980, Kenya turned into the alleged improvement program nation of Finland. Along these lines, the giver bolster was developing quick from under 10 million imprints to 127, 5 million checks by 1991.

While choosing areas and ventures the two nations have endeavored to adjust to the need needs of Kenya and to the assets accessible in Finland. From the earliest starting point, it was chosen to work together in the rustic water and human services, provincial dairy cultivating, ranger service and wood industry and in country vitality administration. The principle accentuation in collaboration amid every one of these years has been in provincial advancement.

In the 1970’s, Finland bolstered Kenya fundamentally through credits. Kenya was conceded three improvement credits, which were changed to gifts in 1979. The third 20 million check improvement credit was allowed in 1982. After this, the help has been principally in type of stipends.

The two-sided advancement collaboration amongst Finland and Kenya focused primarily on the parts stipulated in the nation improvement system of Kenya. The help has focused on specific parts as well as topographically. The greatest country advancement ventures have been completed in Western Kenya.

Whenever Mr. Matti Kääriäinen was authorize the Ambassador to Kenya, the quiet period of improvement collaboration amid the years 1998-2003 was over when no new projects were begun with the Government of Kenya. In the reciprocal arrangements in 1994 the two nations chose to begin once more to plan two-sided ventures. As indicated by the present improvement approach of Finland, Kenya is one of the seven principle beneficiary nations of Finland.

After Finland joined the EU, Finland has had the chance to impact the arrangement of the EU methodologies of both Kenya and other certify nations of the Embassy.